E6 is dedicated to the future and current patients in our lives,
who opened up their book of pain and suffering for us.
They told us stories they would never tell anyone.
Let us pledge to learn from the textbook of those stories,
and use the learnings to relieve their suffering,
to offer a cure.

6 things about Marrow E6

All new videos, with recent updates & exam-focussed
Video classes recorded ground up, with the latest edition updates from Williams in OBGYN, Harrison in Medicine, system-wise approach in Microbiology & more. The E6 videos are fun & engaging, we are sure that you will want to binge-watch.
A supercharged QBank E6
with a new "Schema" feature (all important topics in one place), improved Custom Modules & a 60-30-10 approach - with 60% clinical questions, 30% application-based and 10% one-liners. This is in line with the latest exam pattern.
GTs that are as close to the real exam as possible
A trend we noticed among all Top 10 rankers in NEET PG 2022 - they heavily relied on Marrow GTs to identify their weak subjects before the exam. In E6 we have tried to recreate the real exam pattern as closely as possible.
Notes with 60% more high-quality images
An exciting new set of Notes, based on the new E6 videos. Also contains 500+ MCQs, integrated tables & flowcharts. There is a lot to love in the E6 Notes!

Take a smart shortcut with the E6 Intern Mode
Are you a busy intern? Use the E6 intern mode to cover the gist of Marrow in a short time. This QBank + Video hybrid approach is suitable for those who want to dedicate less than a year for preparation.
Revision videos & MCQ discussion videos
New special videos that will help you revise quickly. Contains selected strictly exam-focussed topics.

Frequently Asked Questions
1. I am a Marrow Pro user. Do I have to purchase E6 again?
If you are an existing Marrow Pro user, you will automatically have access to Marrow E6 content depending on your plan. You will not have to purchase again.
2. Will I be automatically upgraded to Marrow E6?
Yes! You will be automatically upgraded to Marrow E6 if you have an active Pro plan.
3. How do I switch to E6?
To switch to Marrow E6, go to Menu > Your Course and select Edition 6. You can always go back to Edtion 5.
4. Will I lose my QBank progress if I switch to E6?
The switch from QBank Edition 5 to E6 was gradual. This ensured that your QBank progress and bookmarks remain intact.
5. Where are the Edition 5 videos? Is my progress saved?
Your progress in Edition 5 videos will be saved, including downloaded videos. You can still access Edition 5 videos by going to Menu > Your Course > Edition 5.
6. There are some videos which are marked 'coming soon'. When will we get these videos?
The videos go through a strict quality check both from the internal team and the faculty, to make sure you get the latest updates as well as, exam-relevant content. We are updating the E6 videos as and when they are ready.
7. I can't switch to Edition 6. What should I do?
Please update to the latest version of the app and then go to Menu > Your Course > Edition 6. If you are still experiencing an issue please log out and log in again.
Have more questions? Please check Marrow FAQs

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