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Cancellation and Refund Policy

Renewal Policy

Upgrade Policy

Failed transaction policy

Marrow Cancellation, Upgrade and Renewal Policy

Cancellation & Refund Policy

Over 20% of the content in Marrow is available to you completely free of charge. We encourage you to explore the free tests, MCQs, and videos thoroughly and then take the decision to subscribe to a Pro plan.

We will not be able to offer any refunds on cancellation or otherwise, once the payment is made to get the subscription for Pro plans.

However, we do provide Upgrade and Renewal options as described below.

Notes once purchased cannot be refunded in any circumstances whatsoever.

Renewal Policy

Offer Duration Start date "90" days before the plan expiry
End date Within "7" days from the date of expiry of the Pro plan
Offer discount Flat 10% off on renewal
Offer is eligible for users of… Plan All plans
Offer is eligible on plans of… Duration 6, 9, 12, 18 Plans and Plan C-LE
How to avail Steps to avail renewal benefit:

  • 1. Select the Plan and Validity as per above condition.
  • 2. Apply the coupon code "RENEW" and complete the purchase
    Note that the code RENEW is valid from 90 days before the current plan expiry date and upto 7 days after plan expiry

  • In Plan C-LE page:
  • For PLAN CLE renew just login and RENEW will be auto applied based on your eligibility

Other terms:

  1. Renewal discount of 10% (the “benefit”) is valid to existing Pro users on plans of any duration, except specially discounted plans.
  2. The benefit is offered only when the same plan is renewed, for any duration. (e.g. As an existing Plan C 6 months user, renewing to Plan C 6 or 12 months: you get a 10% discount in both cases. Same with all other plans.)
  3. Renewal benefit can be availed only when the plan is renewed within 90 days of the current plan expiry date and up to 7 days from expiry date.
  4. Change of plan duration (of the same plan) from lower to higher is part of a renewal policy.
  5. The benefit (amount of discount) is currently 10% and is subject to change without notice, at the discretion of Marrow.

Upgrade Policy

Only selected Plan B users will have an option to upgrade their plan, by adding videos.

You can add videos to your Plan B by clicking on the “Add Videos” option in the app, or by clicking here: https://www.marrow.com/planb-to-planc

The “Add Videos” is available only for selected Plan B users who:

This option is not available for any other users as of now.

Can I downgrade or switch back to Plan B after adding Videos?

No. Once you have added videos to your Plan B, your existing Plan will become Plan C. Once the new Plan C has been activated, you will not be able to downgrade the current Plan to Plan B.

Failed transaction

This Policy is for Users whose Money got deducted from their account, yet the Marrow plan is not activated while doing a transaction.

To help you out in the best possible way we have a two-step plan.

A. What you can do now?

B. How Marrow can help you?

Please read the following carefully:

A. What can you do now?

  1. Raise a concern in the UPI app profile page (Only if the transaction is via UPI method).

    Please go to the profile section of the UPI app used for payment and Select “Raise a Concern” - Help and then select the transaction in which money was deducted while purchasing Marrow plan and then select "Raise a Concern" or "Call Bank" to get the latest details.

    If required we would be able to provide payment failure report from our side on a case to case basis. Please note that the process of redressal by NPCI may take up to 2 weeks. For every UPI payment, there are 2 banks and NPCI in between. Money can be stuck anywhere when it is a failed payment. And at this point of time, the full control in this process is with NPCI and not the Merchant.

  2. Call or write to your bank’s dispute department (not support department). (For transaction Via all methods)

    If the amount has been deducted, please contact your bank and raise a charge dispute on this so that they can process the refund. Generally, you will get your money back within 5-7 working days varying from bank to bank. On an average, the delay can be up to 19 days. Please use the below link for the format in which you have to file a written complaint with your bank.


    In case if we have not received your payment, we will not be able to initiate your refund as a merchant. In such scenarios, please get in touch with the bank with a written complaint. Also please refer to the RBI policy on delay in refund by your bank:


  3. Submit your issue in Razorpay grievance.

    Your payment on the Marrow platform is processed by the payment gateway "Razorpay". To help you out if the amount is stuck at Razorpay, please use this link to submit grievances & disputes:


    If upon investigation it has been found that money was stuck at Razorpay level then, the amount will be auto refunded to your account within 5-7 working days normally. If this has not happened, kindly contact Razorpay and raise a request for the amount being deducted from your account so that they can fasten the refund process.

B. What will Marrow do for you?

If it exceeds 19 days since your purchase attempt and your amount is not yet refunded back, please write to support@marrowmed.com with proof to help you out.

All above steps must be initiated by the user within 40 days of the transaction date failing which any request will be considered null and void.

Marrow Support:

Email: support@marrowmed.com
Phone: 080-61174274 (Weekdays 10:00 am - 6:00 pm)