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Pro Plans
Plan C
Videos + QBank + Test Series
6 Months + 2 months ext.
₹ 29999 ₹ 39999
*Coupon not applicable
12 Months + 1 month ext.
₹ 34999 ₹ 44999
*Coupon not applicable
18 Months + 1 month ext.
₹ 47999 ₹ 57999
*Coupon not applicable
24 Months
₹ 50999 ₹ 60999
*Coupon not applicable
36 Months
₹ 65999 ₹ 75999
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Plan B
QBank + Test Series
6 Months + 2 months ext.
₹ 13999 ₹ 18999
*Coupon not applicable
12 Months
₹ 18999 ₹ 23999
*Coupon not applicable
18 Months
₹ 23999 ₹ 29999
*Coupon not applicable
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Plan A
Test Series
12 Months
₹ 10999 ₹ 13999
*Coupon not applicable
18 Months
₹ 13999 ₹ 16999
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For Video Users
Marrow Notes E6

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Only for Plan C users
Frequently Asked Questions
Will Final MBBS practical case discussion be included if I purchase a Pro Plan?
No, Final MBBS practical case discussion is a separate course and not included in Pro Plan. You need to purchase the course separately. You can access these videos on the app:
  1. Tap on the menu to the left
  2. Tap on Settings
  3. Tap on Course
  4. Select “Final MBBS Practical Case Discussion”
Can I cancel the plan once I purchase or is it possible to change the Plan as per my requirement post purchase?
We will not be able to offer any refunds on cancellation or otherwise, once the payment is made to get the subscription for Pro plans. However, we do provide an Upgrade option to select Plan B users, by adding Videos. You can add Videos to your Plan B by clicking on the “Add Videos” option in the app, or by clicking here:
  • Have active Plan validity for 1 month or more.
  • Have less than 14 months of validity remaining on their current plan.
This option is not available for any other users as of now.
Can I downgrade or switch back to Plan B after adding Videos?
No. Once you have added videos to your Plan B, your existing Plan will become Plan C. Once the new Plan C has been activated, you will not be able to downgrade the current Plan to Plan B.
What are the EMI options available? How do I avail the EMI option?
Yes! The EMI option can be availed. The availability & offerings are subject to banks partnered with the payment gateway. Also, we have EMI options available with Zestmoney, Earlysalary & Instacred. To find out more go ahead to the purchase page and select the EMI option to see the banks/partners and the offerings.
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