Marrow Test Series is taken by 1,00,000+ students across India. You should be making steady progress with each test, in your score as well as rank. If not, it is time to revisit your preparation and strategy.

In the Tests tab, tap on “Your Overall Progress in GTs”. This opens up your performance analytics page, which is a clear visualisation of all your test scores so far. You should aim for a steadily upward sloping graph, which shows that you are making consistent progress with each test. Both your score and percentile graph should go up parallel. Along with this, you will also find out which are your strongest and your weakest subjects. This will give a clear indication of where you stand and how you can improve.

You can also check your analytics for individual tests. Tap on a test that you have taken and tap on the ‘Full Analytics’ button. Here you can see how you performed in comparison with the top 100 rank-holders in this test, your strongest and weakest subjects, the average time you spent answering each question and how accurately you can guess.

For more information, you can also watch the session by our Orthopaedic faculty Dr Abbas Ali regarding how to use Marrow tests efficiently